Virginia Beach & Montreal

Pit Stop

Sept 17-27th

Our time in Virginia Beach was much too short and extremely busy. While staying with my mom, we ran around like mad getting last minute things done. I’m happy to say we now have international drivers licences,  totally stuffed  suitcases, and finally were able to get a wedding present to our friends. It was also really nice to be able to visit with my aunt, uncle and cousin. We got a lot of seafood there which we had been looking forward to. My mom catered to nostalgia with a homemade red sauce our first night in town  that was just as good as I’d remembered. We went out for  a sushi dinner with the extended family our second night  and a sunset dinner at the Surf Rider restaurant with some fabulous crabcakes our last evening there.

We had some more maneuvering to do before we could get to Montreal. This meant a drive up to central PA to put the last bit of stuff into storage that we’d been hauling around and then a drive to bring the van to it’s temporary home and pick up our driver to get us to the airport. It’s been interesting the things we find along the way when we stop for a bahroom break. Although I barely made it after I walked through the door and looked to my left here at the sporting goods store.

Montreal was an experience in gastronomic indulgences offset by exercise and cultural activities. Marc’s mom took us to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the Tom Wesselman exhibit of pop art. Very interesting display of his life’s work ranging from early collages with nudes to giant wooden cutouts of lips smoking cigarettes, to steel cut sculptures that predated computer aided stuff and even one room  where you could hear songs he had written with the lyrics and album covers laid out under glass.  Very cool.  We also spent some time at the  Montreal Museum of Archeology and History  for the Samuri exhibit. It was loaned to the museum by from a private collector who really must have a hell of an eye (and  deep pockets) for the genre. With pieces ranging from the 13th century to 19th, there was an amazing aray of items. There were 15-20 complete armored outfits including some really intimidating masks along with corresponding swords and knives. They even had a Muramasa blade which is quite rare as those were usually destroyed by their owners due to being considered bad luck. The bad luck had something to do with the fact that several owners were killed by their own blades.

Every morning Marc’s mom would toast freshly made bagels while i spun us up some fresh fruit smoothies and every evening we’d go to a different restaurant for dinner. I’m surprised I haven’t put on 10 pounds with all the incredible food we had here.Thank goodness there was a gym where we stayed. That and the walking we did are probably the only things that prevented a massive weight gain. Especially since Marc’s mom knows all the best places to go. We even found a new one ourself. If you’re ever there, try Misso on St. Catherine street. They bill themselves as a sort of asian fushionique place. We ordered a bunch of tapas sized things to share. The spicy soup was hands down the most awesome with flavors that just exploded in your mouth.

Fashion is just as important as the food in Montreal and it was rare to see someone not totally dressed in the latest styles with hair and makeup just so. This goes for the guys as well as the girls. Marc and I did get to do a bit of shopping while we were here although you have to be careful when the bags are already almost at the 50 lb limit. I got one thing. While walking past BCBG Maxazria I saw a harness type belt over a dress on one of the mannequins that I just had to try on. It is so neat and can be worn about 6 different ways. I also think I could use it for steampunk costuming so I consider it an amazing addition to my wardrobe.

I’m gonna end this post here as one thing about the traveling we’re doing is that everywhere we’ve been so far, our hosts have been really great at taking us places and doing things and I’m a bit behind on my postings. Next up is Utah where we visited my brother and his family so I will close for now with a bonswa and merci beucoup for reading along.


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