Wrapping Up Loose Ends

For those just tuning in, Marc ( my man) asked me to go traveling with him a few months ago. The main destination is New Zealand, but there will be many little trips before we head overseas so we can visit with family, and take care of wrapping up loose ends here in D.C. One of those loose ends we tied up last Friday.

I had given Marc a Groupon for hot air balloon ride for two in PA. We’d been talking about paragliding, powered paragliding and doing a tandem ride and it seemed like I wasn’t about to go up with him any time too soon so I thought this would be the next best thing.

We combined the trip with putting more of our stuff into storage before the balloon ride and then stayed the night at a nice little campground. Serendipidy worked in our favor. Originally we were to go up Saturday night, but the booking person screwed up and we had to go Friday night instead. It rained Saturday evening and that flight would have been canceled. We also thought we were going to be eating gas station food on our way to the campground due to everything closing at 8 pm here in the country. Instead, we found the Revere tavern. Founded in 1790 as a private home it’s most famous guest was Stephen Foster who wrote Oh, Susannah! and My Olde Kentucky Home. It was a wonderful place to celebrate our 5th anniversary with a gourmet meal. It’s location? Paradise, of course!


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