Pam, Josh, Eric, me and Marc

I was sick through most of Utah. Actually, when I woke up in DC before we left for the airport I wasn’t feeling well. Combine that with altitude sickness and a really early flight along with a few other things and I’m really grateful that I didn’t have to go to a doc in the box. This is even after using a scopolamine patch before the flight. The flight attendant tried to joke with me that they were giving prizes for who could fill the most bags. I’m sure I won that.

Other that being sick more or less the whole time I was there, we had a great time there visiting with my brother and his family. Eric, Pam and Josh are pretty easy going and it wasn’t hard to find cool things to do there. Especially witheverybody suggesting stuff.  We went to Josh’s soccar game and got to see how great he is as a goalie. Totally diving on the ball and not letting anybody through.

Green Lightning’s Goalie!

We went to the largest corn maze in Utah and spent an afternoon wandering around these massive corn stalks and trying to find our way through. We only cheated a little bit. It was actually pretty cool in the maze and every so often we’d hear some birds chirping overhead or the voices of others lost in the distance.

Where Are We?

Afterwards we went on a hayride and picked pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

Another day we all piled in the car for a drive into the mountains. The leaves are changing colors up there and it’s just gorgeous. There is a tree called a Quaking Aspen that turns all golden yellow and the leaves literally shake on the trees in the slightest breeze.

Quaking Aspens

Brother & Sister


We found a great spot about a thousand feet short of our goal (because of me), and set up a shooting range. All of us were sighting on clay pigeons set up against a hill and happily blasting away. My sister in law Pam took a very cool stance in a crouch so she could rest her left arm in a cast and have more stability. She’s been counting down the days and we’re all hoping she won’t need surgery after the cast comes off. Mostly we were using 22 rifles but Eric did bring one pistol that was great fun to slam the cartridge into. I think it’s pretty safe to say those pigeons didn’t stand a chance.

Josh suggested a great activity one evening that had us all laughing, and thinking. Take two disposable plastic cups, two drinking straws, a raw egg and a 12 inch piece of duct tape. Now, fashion together some device that will keep the egg from breaking when dropped. The drops go from knee, hip, shoulder, and overhead. We each only had about 10 minutes to put something together before Eric did the dropping. Josh’s was the first one to break followed by Eric’s. Mine was the third to go. Somehow, Pam’s stayed intact until the 3rd or 4th drop. This was really funny considering every time E would drop it, her egg would pop out and roll across the floor. Marc won with his craftily designed contraption. It was so stable I actually used the egg for breakfast the next day. I won’t tell you his secret, but instead say I think it’d be a fun thing for everyone to do.

Marc also got some flying in at Point Of The Mountain state park. There are two sites; North and South that are flyable nearly every day. South in the am and North in the pm. It was awesome to see everyone flying their beautiful gliders. We also started working out how we do things here. From now on we’ll drive to the landing zone first before he starts flying so I know how to get there in case he needs a lift from his ground crew (that’s me!). Yah, unfortunately he needed a ride and it took over an hour to get him because I was given bad directions and in the end he had to hike up the side of the hill ’cause no one would jump into the car and show me the way down there. I would like to say something about the people there, but let’s just leave it at they’ve got a REAL independent spirit there. Oh, and the place is pretty much a dust bowl.

Our last day there I pretty much resorted to pain meds to feel normal and less nauseas. On the plus side I lost 3.5 pounds, I got to spend time with my family, I got to shoot, the Eagles won and I saw a real live moose so it’s all good. Hope ya’ll like the pictures!


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  1. Lil says:

    I love the pics, Cara!

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