Short Flight


Today Marc decided to launch from a different location near Kariotahi beach. He had been told of a launch site back behind these “baches” (holiday cottages) that dot the edge of the sandstone cliffs above the beach.

He checked in at the resort before we followed the trail up to a livestock  gate. After driving through the gate, we continued down this rutted path best suited for a four-wheel drive ( we have a  front wheel drive Toyota Sunny)  at a slow cautious pace. Every so often Marc would get out and scout ahead to make sure the car would make it. At one point we rounded a corner; probably making a ton of noise, to find some startled, guilty  looking sheep trying to sidle away from the road.

What are EWE doing here?

Eventually he found a good spot, turned the car around and put it in park. I was ready to head back down until he told me I should stay to witness the launch. It actually didn’t take him long to get set up and into the air.

Great shot, eh?

Unfortunately, he got to the beach about the same time I did! Figures that the wind would drop off right after he launched. I’m glad he decided not to have me drive him back up as we found out later the wind stayed light for about an hour. As it now takes an hour to get home, we turned back so I could start dinner for everyone. Oh yeah, those fields I thought might have been artichokes? Turns out they are! Pretty cool, eh?

The wild artichoke!

Alien artichoke fields…


3 thoughts on “Short Flight

  1. lexiesnana says:

    Wow I loved your pictures.

  2. Lil says:

    Cool! I love artichokes!

  3. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Great pics! He’s very brave to go up in the air like that~

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