A Trip To Hot Water Beach


Red footed Gulls

Almost 2 weeks ago now, Marc and I headed off to the Coromandel peninsula to check out the hot water beach. All the  tour guides/ books advised to find out when low tide is  as the hot water beach  is only available 2 hours of either side of low tide. We got lucky considering we did none of that. Our only preparation was to bring a shovel, swimsuits and lunch.

The drive there took almost 3 hours as much of it was through mountainous terrain interspersed with one long flat valley.

Long Clouds

The speed limit is posted as being 100 km, but when you’re on a twisty small road with sheer drop offs; you tend to go a bit slower. We’d pull over whenever the locals would get too backed up and let them pass. Got to see some wonderful sights that way.

When we finally arrived at the beach, we took  our trusty shovel and set off across the sands for the crowd of people at the other end of the beach. There were many shallow holes dug into the sand already and it seemed  that no one minded if you found a sparsely populated hole and dug it out a bit before putting your feet in.

The water was WARM. In some places, actually too hot and you had to be carefull not to get scalded. I think this picture explains everything nicely if you zoom it in a bit:

Hot Water Beach Explained

The warm water  contrasted sharply with the coolish breeze that was blowing and contributed to me not wanting to jump in. So we went and had lunch and flew our kites for a bit before returning to the hot water part of the beach. By that time,  most of the earlier shallow pools had been reclaimed  by the incoming tide. There was one pool left that Marc and I worked diligently for a while to keep from being overrun by the tide and Marc did get to soak for a bit. I just did my feet, but hopefully we will return one day and try it again.

By the time our pool was overtaken by the waves, it was getting late and we decided to go check out another neat spot on the way home. It’s called the Miranda hot springs and has all these natural mineral pools  geothermically heated.  Well, we blinked and we missed it. I think we had been expecting a town around this place and that’s just not the case. We approached an intersection and the GPS was saying “Miranda” and then it just blipped off the screen. We must have missed the signs too. The clouds were getting darker and we decided to race the dusk home and see if we could make it to our favorite roast shop in Drury before they closed. We made it just in time. Thanks Ned.

Racing Dusk


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