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I think we’ve been staying with Jane for about a month now and I just realized I’ve not posted any pictures of the place. Jane has a wonderful home in Lynfield, Auckland about 20 minutes from the CBD; that’s central business district for short. It’s not quite cafe lifestyle around here, but definitely not lifestyle either. It’s actually pretty much the suburbs. We live on the side of a mountain that dips down into Blockhouse Bay and the way they build houses here, the houses are almost on top of each other and share a driveway. We’re right at the end of the drive so it feels like we’re blasting off in a rocket ship every time we leave home.

View from the front porch

View from the front porch

Doesn’t look too steep from that angle does it? Wait until you’re dragging trash cans up to the curb though. It’s actually pretty tough. The steepness of the drive does make for a pretty spectacular view whenever we come home.

Our home from the top of the hill

Our home from the top of the hill

I think there are 1, 2, 3…. 4 houses that all share the same driveway. You can see the one immediately to the right with the grey panels? Those folks moved in the same day we did which was pretty neat. Young Indian couple with an older shepherd dog. I’ve met the dog more times than the owners. They sometimes let him hang out in our front driveway. Poor thing got trapped in our garage overnight last week. Jane must of closed the door in the evening and she found him early the next morning when she left for work. Never made a sound all night.

View from the end of our driveway. You can see the sky tower in the distance.

The Kiwi’s seem to have a love for “tramping” as they call it and there are hiking trails everywhere here. This includes the suburbs. I found a coastal walk not far from home one day when I was out exploring.

Lynfield Walk


The path winds around the mountain I live on and has some challenging staircases. The views are often obscured by the bush, but occasionally you find a really good spot.

LCW Point


Still haven’t worked out what’s in the water to make it that color. Sure is pretty though, eh? The homes in the area range from ordinary middle class ranch style to extraordinary split level digs with wrap around glass enclosed porches to capture maximum sun and views. People around here don’t neglect their yards either.  Lawns are kept neat and there are flowering trees and bushes everywhere. Our back yard is no exception and Marc has made it his mission to get rid of the ants underneath the bricks. Mine is more selfish… just trying to keep the lettuce plants in the garden alive.We’ll let you know how things develop.


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  1. Lil says:

    Very cool!

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