Happy New Year!


Co-Hosts: Me, Marc & Jane

How can it be January 3rd already? It’s like I just blinked or something. Well,  after two glorious days of warm sunny weather and cool ocean breezes to welcome in the new year, we’re back to another chilly, wet day today. Perfect for blogging about our  party. Jane, Marc and I co-hosted a fun new years eve party. Theme: Arabian Nights. We asked everyone to come dressed for the occasion and promised to dress anyone who showed up without suitable attire. Most of our invitees had  received their Evite a couple of weeks before so they had enough time to throw something together, but we still had one or two guys show up without anything to theme. Jane (much like myself) has a ton of fun clothes and I think our friend Rosie actually dressed the willing victims.


The party started at 7 pm and we had about 10 people here pretty quickly. I helped several men with turban wrapping before I pulled out the camera for some pictures. The sun was starting its slide towards the horizon so it was near perfect timing.


Sultaness Jane with her harem.


Who is that man with the martini glass?

I think by around nine pm we had twenty people here eating, drinking and the occasional belly dance going on. I played DJ for the night and kept it groovin’ with a great playlist I’d put together a few days before. All in all,  there was about four hours of music so I didn’t have to mess with it too often. Jane called for an impromptu belly dance contest at one point and we had all the women do a song and then all of the men. Everyone got a prize…. even if it was just another tasty beverage.

I think the best idea of the night was one our friend Rachel had. She wanted all the women to have a picture taken together with scarves over their faces so just their eyes showed. We rounded all the women together upstairs and got Marc to stand above us on a chair.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

Everyone looked so great and the evening continued with good munchies, conversation, and a countdown that we’re not sure was right on the dot due to time differences among different phone carriers, but was close nonetheless. Add to that fireworks that Juniper and Eric brought and it all made for an incredible evening. I don’t really have any pictures of later that night because I misplaced the camera, and besides who really wants to see the wrestling that was taking place about two in the morning anyway? I would like to say I won though.

The next morning I made a breakfast casserole for everyone who spent the night and coupled it with mimosa’s. Just the right start to the new year, eh?



One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. lexiesnana says:

    I just loved your party pictures,they made me smile.I especially love you girls with just your eyes showing.Our parties are not anything like that but they are fun too.Blessings and Happy New Year

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