Dash To The South Island

Maori Statuary. I forget where this was.

Maori Statuary. I forget where this was.

Hello again all you lovely people! I know I posted some photos the other day of us arriving at the South Island, but before we get into all the sights the South Island has to offer, I wanted to share a few more pictures of some sights seen on our mad dash to get to the ferry.



Beach @ Raglan

Beach @ Raglan



Tongaporutu was the only place we really got to check out after leaving Auckland. There is a car park close by that offers freedom camping so we set up camp there before jumping onto the river beach. We tramped/ skirted the river mouth to get to this gorgeous beach that appears only when the tide is out. There are really interesting big spherical stones that sometimes appear out of the black sands if the pull of the ocean is strong enough. While we didn’t see too many of those, we did see a ton of smaller stones that have been smoothed and rounded by the surf and warmed by the sun. We spent a happy hour here just rock hunting for cool looking specimens. We also checked out some caves and took some great pictures before settling down to watch the main show. Sunset as seen through the three sisters rock formation. Unfortunately there are only two sisters now as the third fell a while ago, but I still think this was the best sunset yet. What do you think?


I Want This One!

Sea Cave

Sea Cave

Two of The Three Sisters. The third fell down and is more out to sea.

Two of The Three Sisters. The third fell down and is more out to sea.




View From Our Campsite



2 thoughts on “Dash To The South Island

  1. Lil says:

    Beautiful pictures, Cara. I hope the other sisters don’t fall into the sea! We miss you guys.

  2. gpcox says:

    Lovely views, wish I was there.

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