Omarama, Wanaka & Gore: Oh My!


Boy that sounds like the name of a lawyers off ice doesn’t it? The truth is much more painless and free from stress. These are the last few places we visited before leaving Dunedin. Probably a lot more fun  here then a visit to a lawyer’s office as well. The clay cliffs of Omarama were an incredible sight after enduring the bumpy metal (read washboard/gravel there) road to get there. These cliffs are the result of deposits by glaciers and erosion over many years to achieve the ravines, gullies and slot canyons these cliffs contain. It was really neat to walk through these narrow slots and come out into these bowls ringed by cliffs with only the occasional beating of wings to let you know you’re not alone. The reverb sounded like a flock of pigeons each time one took off, but sadly there was no such ability at the bottom. I think this is one of the dirtiest places we’ve been too. Evidence of feathers, broken eggs and abundant guano told us the birds are the majority here. I washed everything after this. Wait a moment, this might be more similar to a lawyer’s office than I think.




We headed back to Wanaka next as we were so close anyway, in the hopes Marc could get in another paragliding flight and that the sushi joint Sasanoki would be open for Easter dinner. Unfortunately, it was a no on both counts. We did find a pretty nice place for pizza though at The Cow restaurant. Great homemade bread and good pizza eaten in front of a roaring fireplace made for great evening, even if it was a bit of an odd Easter dinner. The next day turned out to be a blowout literally as far as paragliding. Too much wind made it unsafe to fly that day so we went to our favorite op-shop/second-hand shop. Wanaka Wastebusters is an amazing place that kind of reminds me of Habitat for Humanity’s second-hand shops back in the states. We got a duvet for eight dollars there a while back and this time we scored some VCR tapes and a free suitcase.

Wanaka Wastebusters Whimsy

Wanaka Wastebusters Whimsy


Need a bike?

Need a bike?

Gore was our next destination, to visit with friends of friends on the North island. Graham and Deborah work a dairy farm there right next to their house and we both got to see a little of what that entails. I got up early to help Deborah feed the calves. That woman is so strong! She’s lifting up two big pails of milk and carrying them to the nipple troughs like it’s nothing and then digging into the cured grass and getting huge armfuls to throw against the fence. I learned that they do not use drugs to boost milk production here. Instead, the cows have a calf every year and they are taken from their moms early on and raised on nippled troughs. If they were to stay with their moms, they’d drink too much and die. In the states, cows are injected with drugs to keep them producing milk. Also, when a cow stops producing milk, they are sold for hamburger. I meant to ask what happens to the boy calves as I would think they’d keep the girl calves for milking, but I kept forgetting. Graham took Marc to see another operation where Deborah works. He got to see the cows going round on the carousel while being milked and how adept they are at backing up to leave when they’re done. This is incredibly hard work and definitely takes its toll on the body. Graham had injured his back shortly before we arrived and Deborah has a bum shoulder so my massage experience came in right handy.

The next time I get this close to a rainbow, I swear I'm going to go look for the pot of gold.

The next time I get this close to a rainbow, I swear I’m going to go look for the pot of gold.

Graham & Deborah next to the carosel

Graham & Deborah next to the carousel

Aren't they cute? One followed me around for a little while.

Aren’t they cute? One followed me around for a little while.

At the nipple trough

At the nipple trough

We headed back to Dunedin after that to meet up with some more friends of friends for a short visit before returning to Auckland. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of juice after i took one picture. However, we will be seeing them again when we return to Dunedin.So in the meantime, please enjoy this picture of thawed McCain’s french fries waiting to be mixed into cow feed




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