On the way back to Auckland….


Been a few weeks since I’ve had time to write, hasn’t it? I know I finished all the south island sights while we were waiting to pick up our passports from the Indonesian embassy. We didn’t just hang around while we were waiting for them though. Instead, we took off and explored the area with a side trip to the marina to find a dump station. Unfortunately, that ones been closed so we continued on looking for tramps and viewpoints. Quite by accident, we found a great mountain bike park .Looked massive and with an experience range for everyone. Crossing the highway, we found what we were looking for. Nice little tramp that overlooked the Wellington harbor.


Had a nice little drive along SH2 and the Rimutaka Ranges to get to the Rimutaka Forest Park. What a twisty road and just wide enough for two vehicles. It can get scary passing a doubled semi on the road. Especially with a sheer drop off along one side. Marc did an excellent job of keeping us alive and in one piece. The tramp itself was a little slice of heaven. The five-mile ridge loop led us through a stream and through a more jungle/ bush setting that really made us aware we were back on the north island.

We met Pat and Denise early on. Denise is 85.Isn't she stylish?

We met Pat and Denise early on. Denise is 85.Isn’t she stylish?

Natural Staircase

Natural Staircase


We took off for the Cape Palliser lighthouse next. It’s situated near the southernmost bit of the north island and has a beautifully scenic,occasionally bumpy and slightly scary coast road. We had lunch near a seal colony on a rocky outcropping before tackling the lighthouse. There are now 254 steps and I’m happy to say we both made it, but not without a rest or two.

Ngawi Bulldozers

Ngawi Bulldozers

Coming back, the tide was high and spray would dowse the road.

Coming back, the tide was high and spray would douse the road.




We were going to do the Putangirua Pinnacles next, but it was getting dark and we noticed the DOC park right next door had fire pits. We had the firewood gathered and camp set right as darkness fell. Our third campfire began soon afterwards. I didn’t stay up for the whole thing, but I understand the rains started about three a.m. We did make an effort to make the tramp the next morning, but with howling winds and rain falling intermittently, it was a wash.

Super Delux Hermit Hut

Super Delux Hermit Hut

Offerings to Posiden

Offerings to Posiden

Putangirua Pinnacles

Putangirua Pinnacles


Yes, we burned it all.

Yes, we burned it all.


We headed north after that, looking for further adventures and the Waiohine Gorge swing bridge. I think that’s where I will end this post as we saw so many neat things along the way and I’ve got some great pictures to share. Finally got to experience a road closure due to a sheep drive too. Got some great video to share once we get home too. Think y’all might be up for a movie night?

Waiohine Gorge Swingbridge

Waiohine Gorge Swing Bridge


Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows




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  1. Lil says:

    Movie night sounds great!

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