First Week in Bali!

Translation:Welcome to Bali!

Translation:Welcome to Bali!

The first week in Bali has gone so quickly i almost don’t believe it. It’s been fun so far, but not without challenges. One of which was discovering the warung we thought we’d stay at was no longer there after Marc called his friend Nyoman. Fortunately, the second choice was still operating and after checking out the rooms and some negotiation we settled into a nice second floor suite with our own bathroom and a great lanai for lounging. We even have hot water for the shower. What a luxury!


Marc and Nyoman renewed old acquaintances in person the next day before negotiating rental on a motorbike. We now ride in style on a Honda 125. Marc is very good at keeping us alive as people here are crazy on the streets. Heavy traffic is the norm, cars and buses park on the street and bikes weave through the throngs and over sidewalks fearlessly. Whole families will pile on one bike. I think the max I’ve seen so far is four adults. Few people wear helmets except the bule (foreigners).  Air pollution is terrible and we’ve invested in hospital masks early on in an effort to save our lungs.

They piled on and then rode off.

They piled on and then rode off.

Our first week has been a bit of reminiscence for Marc although he’s also been astonished by how much things have changed. One of our first stops was Puri Gading where he pointed out the house he used to live in. We’ve also been out to Timbus several times where all the para-gliders fly. The first time to just check it out and see who was there. The other times with his wing to fly. It was pretty neat for him to see guys that were students wen he left and now they compete internationally for the  Indonesian paragliding team. Unfortunately, the guys say the  weather has been really strange for about six weeks now with cross winds and rain. Evidently it usually never rains between April and December. I’ve already seen two rain storms in the week we’ve been here. There’s been a lot of para waiting and he hasn’t flown yet. At least we still have time. We both felt bad for a group of Korean para-gliders we met there who came out for a five day holiday and didn’t get to fly once. A few of them did take us up on our offer to fly our one meter kite though so at least they can say they flew something here.



Some of the Korean Paragliders

Some of the Korean Para-gliders

Nyang Nyang has been a beautiful place to visit. An elaborate open pavilion leads to some stone temples and statues in a garden setting. The pathway winds  around to the pool and tables set up under a long thatched roof beside a cliff that drops dramatically to the ocean. We came back here the night of the super moon to watch the show. A small bribe/ gift to the guard allowed us entry. It was a fabulous night. Just us, the frogs, surf pounding below, the super moon above and an ant marching around in my bra. I did finally manage to squash that sucker though.

Super Moon!

Super Moon!

We’ve also been to Jimbaran beach where I first got to stick my toes in the ocean. The water is deliciously warm and inviting. During the day you can see fishing boats bobbing in the beautiful aquamarine water. At night, the days catch is served up from a myriad of restaurants that line the beach. The tables extend almost into the surf and little lanterns on the tables lend a romantic glow. Smoke from the coconut shells used to cook the dishes wafts aromatically through the air and mingles with the incense from frequent offerings to the Gods. The prawns were incredibly tasty ad we were highly entertained by the encroaching surf and kids playing at the waters edge.


Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach @ Night

Jimbaran Beach @ Night

As it’s been so hot here. we’ve spent the day poolside at a couple of places. Blue Point was pretty nice although we were disappointed we couldn’t use the infinity pool that day as it was reserved for a wedding party. The upper pool was still quite nice though. We’ll definitely be going back there. I want some pictures in the infinity pool.

Blue Point @ Dusk

Blue Point @ Dusk

The other spot was in Canggu and is called the Hotel Tugu. Oh man is this place gorgeous! No pool charge here and the place is  filled with the owners collection of antiques from Indonesia and China. We checked out a couple of rooms that were to die for and I could probably die happy in the spa. The grounds are immaculate and the pool was refreshing and surprisingly cooler that the ocean. There’s a ton of umbrellas and shade palms too to hide from the sun. The menu was amazing and Marc had this Dutch overseers  platter that had something like thirteen things on it.  I ordered less but still, neither one of us could finish. The heat diminishes our appetites.

Sleeping Garuda @ Tugu. Named by the owner because when he found it, it was lying on it's back.

Sleeping Garuda @ Tugu. Named by the owner because when he found it, it was lying on it’s back.

A quiet spot in the pool at Tugu

A quiet spot in the pool at Tugu



The food here is good and available from street vendor pushcart, to little road side restaurants to fine dining establishments. We’ve learned though to negotiate before being served to avoid being overcharged. Chicken/ ayem is very tasty here as it’s all free range. The only ones I’ve seen in cages are valued roosters used in cock fighting. Juices are fresh squeezed but unless you tell them not to; they put sugar in everything.

Street vendor. His satay was great but he overcharged the bules/ foreigners so we won't be back.

Street vendor. His satay was great but he overcharged the bules/ foreigners so we won’t be back.

Breakfast @ Warung Warung

Breakfast @ Warung Warung

To finish up our first week here we went to the Mal Bali Galeria for a movie. This mall has everything, including a Nine West and an Ace Hardware. We watched WWZ  with Brad Pitt and it was so exciting it took a while to calm my heart rate down afterwards. Still not easy to figure out which bike is ours from the hundreds parked in the lot but we are getting quicker at it.

After he found our bike!

He’s smiling because we found the bike.

I could go on and tell you more about this fascinating place but I think I will wait and give everyone something to look forward to. To my family and friends; we miss you guys and are looking forward to a happy reunion. To all of my followers on here; thanks all for your support and hope you like the post. Bye!

Fish therapy at an Apotek/ Pharmacy. It's only really wierd the first few minutes.

Fish therapy at an Apotek/ Pharmacy. It’s only really weird the first few minutes.


4 thoughts on “First Week in Bali!

  1. Lil says:

    Cara, you are too funny! I really enjoyed the post. Glad you two are having a good time in Bali.

  2. Joanne Lee says:

    All I can say is WOW!!! Cara, the food looks wonderful as does the water and everything else! I love the dress you’re wearing in the photo of the Statue. It seems that you are having a blast.

  3. blade3colorado says:

    Great post Cara. The food looks delicious!

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