Swimming Pools & Movie Stars


Been a while since I’ve written, hasn’t it? Sorry for the delay, but Marc took me on a bit of a fantasy trip here in Bali and it’s taken me a while to come back down to earth. Here’s what we’ve been up to.


It started off innocently enough with scooter driving lessons. I’d been wanting to learn for a while and he was kind enough to rent me a “twist and go” and teach me how to drive it. We went to a quiet neighborhood the first few days and he set up and obstacle course and had me going up and down hills and doing figure eights too.  A couple of local women and their child came to watch the fun. Probably waiting for a crash and burn but very supportive at the same time.They’d give me big smiles and thumbs up as I’d come past. I did lay the bike down several times but it was old and what’s one more scratch, eh?


After being deemed ready for the roads, we loaded up the bikes and moved digs to the  Flamingo Dewata Villas. Marc had worked out a deal with Eka for the honeymoon suite (DON’T get any ideas folks) for three days and we made ourselves right at home. What a beautiful place! Private pool & patio, incredibly comfortable bed, huge jaCUzzi tub and a view that reached all the way to the ocean (Indian Ocean or Bali Sea, not really sure). We did have some rain, but some sun as well and we really enjoyed our stay there. Breakfast was included every morning so we’d just go out for lunch or dinner or to get a massage. Our biggest surprise was returning to the property the second day to find a film crew shooting on the grounds! Even better, we got to meet an up and coming new Indonesian movie star named Marcell Darwin. He was very nice and so handsome. I think I went a little crazy. My heart was beating so fast.*laughs*. If you would like a great place to stay at a reasonable price, I highly recommend them.

Private Pool in the Honeymoon Suite

Private Pool in the Honeymoon Suite



Me and Marcell Darwin

Me and Marcell Darwin

Next stop was a night in Kuta so we could hit the nightclubs. We checked into the Bendesa Hotel and went souvenir shopping during the day and I finally got a chance to mail the postcards I wrote the first week here. Didn’t leave enough room for the stamps though so it should be a challenge for the recipients. Have fun guys!

Bendesa Hotel in Kuta

Bendesa Hotel in Kuta

They really like sparkly things there

They really like sparkly things there

Anyway, that night we got dressed up, walked down Legian street and were bule gila’s (crazy foreigners). Bounty was rocking for a Wednesday night and we got large sugary cocktails  and bounced around with huge smiles when we weren’t totally captivated by the way cool  house dancers employed by the club. They were easy to spot; all dressed in white pants with checkered shirts and white Panamas and fluid as silk in the wind.

This is inside a small bit of Bounty Disqoteche

This is inside a small bit of Bounty Discotheque

The rain had started by then but it cooled us down on our way to Apache Club. What a difference. Instead of pounding house music, the theme here is Reggae and the crowd tends to be a bit older. There was a rocking live band playing in front of a shrine to Bob Marley, and two for one drink specials. Evidently, vodka can be mixed with just about anything. The rain really began to pound and it was funny to feel the drops on the dance floor.

ApacheWalking back to the hotel was an experience all it’s own. Legian was jammed with “taksi’s” all looking for fares and Marc must have been offered  most of the illegal  and some of the legal substances available to the young and foolish. Who needs that though when there was Tugu to look forward to?


We spent three days and two night at Hotel Tugu Bali and it was heavenly! From the moment the car picked us up, any worries receded like an outgoing tide. Indeed, our only major decisions were sitting by the pool or the beach, what do I want to eat and where should we have dinner? We both got fifteen minute massages on arrival and I was handed a beautifully woven fan with frangipani blooms inserted in the folds.


The attention to detail is amazing here. From the accents included with our meals to the poem left on our turned down coverlet each night, we were totally spoiled.


I believe I’ve told you before about Tugu? The hotel is filled with antiques and they have an awesome pool. You should see their rooms. A king size hand carved canopy bed dominated the bedroom and the private porch featured a hammered sunken tub and more antiques as well as a massage table.


The bath foam smelled delicious and I wanted to take the shampoo and conditioner home with me. I couldn’t though because Tugu is a green hotel committed to reducing waste thus all the soaps are wrapped in paper and the toiletry bottles are earthen and refilled daily.Gotta commend them for that. I did a little shopping in their antique shop while I was there and picked up a new sarong. It’s absolutely gorgeous and made of silk. Can’t wait to show that off back home. When we left, the staff presented us with souvenir fans and a basket containing bottles of water and small fruits for our ride back to reality. They were so nice. Can you tell I want to go back?

A private cooking class @ Tugu

A private cooking class @ Tugu


In the Balle Puputan room for a private dinner of roast suckling pig.

Tugu employees weaving the accent pieces found throughout the grounds.

Tugu employees weaving the accent pieces found throughout the hotel

Lunch @ Tugu.

Lunch @ Tugu.

Bembek Betutu for dinner.

Bembek Betutu for dinner. This is a dish traditionally made by Balinese women for religious festivals. The ducks are stuffed and marinated with a variety of island herbs and spices before being wrapped in Banana leaves and slow roasted for at least twelve hours. Served with rice, pork cracklings and roasted Balinese peanuts. Better eaten with the fingers as we were to discover. Delicious!

Marc in the pool

Marc in the pool

Antique door leading to a spa room

Antique door leading to a spa room

Isn't it beautiful? This is another part of the spa.

Isn’t it beautiful? This is another part of the spa.

So, you may ask at this point “But Cara, what happened to the scooter?” Am I still driving it? Well… no actually. I did have an accident coming back from dinner while we were staying at The Flamingo.  Nothing too serious. I did donate some skin to the pavement, jolted my right shoulder and put a pretty good bruise on my right thigh. It was actually all my fault really. I was following Marc home from dinner and not paying enough attention to my surroundings. He turned right across traffic (they drive on the left here) into a supermarket parking lot and I was following him when I realized that someone was coming up on me fast from the other direction. In trying to stop quickly I turned the wheel too sharply and laid the bike down right across their path. Out of nowhere thirty Indonesians come running and before I knew it they had gotten me and the bike up and off the road. So, no one was hurt although I did get quite the scare.I think the guy I turned in front of did too. I did drive it a bit more after that but we took taksis  for our longer trips and we decided I’m safer on the back of Marc’s bike.

I won't include a recreation of the accident. Instead, please enjoy this pictures of blossoms.

I won’t include a recreation of the accident. Instead, please enjoy this pictures of blossoms.

So, that’s my story. Pretty cool, eh? Time keeps slipping forward now and I have to finish this up so I can get to my next post. There’s just so much still to say. Love you guys and we’ll be back now before you know it.

Baby Gecko

Baby Gecko


5 thoughts on “Swimming Pools & Movie Stars

  1. It seems from the pictures that you had an amazing journey.
    Nice experience.

  2. Deb says:

    Looks just amazing – so glad you had a wonderful time Xxx

  3. Lil says:

    Well, if we weren’t already jealous… now we definitely are!
    Funny, I was just commenting to Pat last night that I hadn’t read a blog of yours in quite awhile and wondered what you guys were up to… We so look forward to seeing you!

  4. gpcox says:

    I’m happy for you. It looks like you’re having the time of your life! Have a ball!!

  5. blade3colorado says:

    Everything is so beautiful . . . Bali is definitely on my bucket list!

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