Paragliding, Monkeys and Sunset at Dreamland Beach

Food Hall Cooks

Food Hall Cooks Near Timbus. The Food is Great and their fried chicken is to die for!

So some pretty good things have been happening here in Bali recently.  The weather has gotten a little better (thank the gods), but we’re still getting frequent rain storms. The wind continues to try and dissuade the para-gliders from taking off but with perseverance and a second flying site to launch from, Marc has been able to fly more in the last week and a half then the whole time we’ve been here. It means I get to hang out at Gunung Payung a lot and swing in my hammock when I’m not taking pictures of the guys flying or going for a hike through the cow pastures.

Such a life.

Such a life.


Marc Flying His Green Nivuk2


You meet people from all over the world out here.  The folks that come for a tandem, the wives and girlfriends of the pilots, occasionally a few kids running around. It’s a festive atmosphere made more amusing by the drink and snack folks that fall all over themselves to be the first to sell you a beer, a coke, a snack. Usually at a four hundred percent markup.  Then there are the locals that help to fold up the wings or help you launch.  I’ve seen more than one launch that ended up back in the trees.  Well, it was windy that day.*LOL*

Reky, one of the members of the Indonesian Paragliding Team. He also does tandems.

Reky, one of the members of the Indonesian Paragliding Team. He also does tandems.


Playing Can’t Catch Me

Girlplay2I have met a few female pilots but so far it seems to be a mostly male dominated sport. At least, that’s been my observation. One of the people Marc met the other day was a guy from Nepal. I think he has a paragliding shop there and teaches as well. He let Marc try out his new Nivuk3 wing.

Ready to launch!

Ready to launch!

Marc flies the red Nivuk3. Yes, it really is better.

Marc flies the red Nivuk3. Yes, it really is better.

I have a feeling he might be thinking about a trip to Nepal sometime in the future. I told him to bring me back something nice… if he doesn’t bring me. *Lol* Oh, speaking about the people you meet, Marc got to meet up with his friend Kim from Norway. Evidently Kim heard he was here and had some vacation time coming so he came to Bali to visit friends. He stopped by one night with a nice little bottle of Whiskey and with some good music and Bintang’s, they got to catch up a bit and I got introduced. Nice guy, is Kim.


On another note, I finally got to see some monkeys! We stopped at Bali Cliff one day and there they were. A whole troupe of  Balinese long tailed Macaques! We were totally unprepared and they were not impressed by that. Of course, after Marc came back with some food their attitude changed in a hurry! The big male leader actually stole a bag of nuts right off the bike and gobbled them down in a minute. After that, Marc would distract him and throw him treats one at a time while I threw snacks to the others. Especially the momma with the baby. They wouldn’t go near him. Looked like they were all afraid of him. He’d stand his ground too. The foot stomp didn’t even make him blink.

That big boy had no fear

That big boy had no fear

Grooming Behaviour

Grooming Behavior


I have an even better monkey story to tell you all about, but that will have to wait till next time. Other things we’ve done that are on this “roll of film” are the sunset we finally got to see at Dreamland Beach. Can you believe in five weeks or so, this is the best and near only nice one we’ve seen? Ya, I told you the weather has been weird.

Sunset @ Dreamland Beach

Sunset @ Dreamland Beach

Sunset Surfers

Sunset Surfers

Oh, and we did get to Jimbaran Beach again for prawns and Red Snapper in Balinese sauce. OMG is it good! So good and we were so hungry we just dove right in and by the time I thought to take a picture my hands were really messy and they don’t really believe in napkins here so I couldn’t take a picture. Next time, ok? I did take a picture though of the wandering musicians who serenade the tables at dinner time. Marc said they must know at least one song in twenty odd languages and they knew plenty of English songs. They are awesome! Next time, I’m going to ask for some Elvis.


Next time I promise I will tell you all about my monkey story and the beach and everything else on this next roll of film, ok? Y’all take care!


One thought on “Paragliding, Monkeys and Sunset at Dreamland Beach

  1. gpcox says:

    Mamma monkey looks so cute with her little one.

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