Cherry Blossoms In Kenwood, Maryland

Hello again WordPress readers! Time (after a long absence) for a new post! I was a little despondent for a while after coming home and having to get into a routine again that includes going to work and actually staying there all day. The long freakishly cold and snowy winter didn’t help much either. Today though, it was warm and sunny and the cherry blossoms are blooming around DC and Maryland.

Your tour guide

Your tour guide

Marc and I usually forgo the  Tidal basin in DC and head to a little neighborhood in Bethesda called Kenwood for cherry blossom viewing. It usually is fairly packed, but we got a lucky spot in the shade without too much effort and got out to have a look around.

Flowering Dogwoods

Flowering Dogwoods

It’s great to walk the streets, enjoying the fresh spring breeze and the random petals swirling in the scented air. Young children offer lemonade and snacks from stands outside their homes and everywhere, a canopy of cherry blossoms line the streets. The homes here are nice to look at, and expensive. Can’t help picking out favorites.

Nice HouseKCB14

Of course, everyone who comes to view the trees has to take a few selfies. A lot of people really dress up for the experience. We went casual this year. I’m already thinking about a certain outfit for next year though.

Right before he told the man taking a picture that we owned

Right before he told the man taking our picture that we owned the place behind us and he should just go in and make himself a drink!

We went kite flying later, but it’s hard to take pictures of that when your hands are already full of lines. Hope you enjoyed the visit, I know we did and thanks for following Chasing Summer. I won’t be posting as often going forward as I now have a job. It’s going well thank you and I’m really getting back into physical therapy and actually getting a student soon, but this is not a blog about physical therapy. There are plenty of those. This is Chasing Summer and it seems like summer is coming so get ready to sweat!

Love the colors!

Love the colors!









2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms In Kenwood, Maryland

  1. Rachel says:

    Just beautiful, great pics, you look so happy and healthy – I would love to see your neck of the woods at this time of year… one day. Missing you both x o x

  2. jessn2012 says:

    How wonderful to read your beautifully crafted posts once again, Cara!


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