Saint Michaels, Maryland

Hello again! Hope everyone is doing well out there. More and more, I find free time a precious commodity, and to be able to spend that with a loved one the best gift I could ever receive. This is why my birthday weekend was such a great thing.  Marc was getting ready for some soloing adventures but decided to wait until after the celebration  before taking off for points East. He’s writing his own blog here.

it was a pretty easy two-hour drive to Saint Michael’s ,but the rain slowed us down a little. That’s why, when we saw those cool statues right outside of town, we had to stop and check them out. The place is called Gatz and outside they have an amazing amount of awesome, lifelike statues. Inside, It’s all antique furniture and practically everything else you can think of, including a bearskin rug. Really!


Need a door? This one is awefully cool!































































































Amazingly, the rain quit not long after we checked into the B & B though, and it stayed sunny the rest of the weekend!  We snagged a couple of the complimentary bicycles  loaned by the B & B and rode into town for shopping and sightseeing Friday and Saturday. Saint Michael’s Maryland is  located among the fingerlings waterways on the east coast of the Chesapeake Bay. Known as “The town that fooled the British”, the townspeople put lit lanterns into the trees outside of the town and ordered a blackout in the town itself to fool the enemy into cannon fire that rained down largely outside of town. Pretty cool, eh? Today, its main street probably looks pretty much the same, just the merchandise has changed. There are a plethora of shops, dining that ranges from casual to very fine (try Talbot 208), and a world-famous maritime museum


I liked the Beetle Bug


Oldest house we found







Waiting for cocktails






























































We bought another kite to add to our collection, but the wind wasn’t  quite enough to really send it up. We sure tried though.

Get ready!

Get ready!

Best we could do...pretty, isn't it?

Best we could do…pretty, isn’t it?


























ll too soon, it was time for us to go home. The ride back was chill, with me playing DJ and the requisite stop for fresh produce and raffle tickets before the Bay Bridge. I’m gonna win that car, I know it!

Not this one, this one was just shining so pretty I had to share. Spotted on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Not this one. This one was just shining so pretty I had to share. Spotted on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge


2 thoughts on “Saint Michaels, Maryland

  1. cmlee2012 says:

    Sorry Guys, I cannot figure out why the hell there are tose huge blank spaces in the post and I’m not gonna spend any more time on the problem.

  2. Lil Teifer says:

    Sounds like your birthday weekend was really special, Cara. I’m glad you had a nice time. See you soon!

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