Vegas Baby!


Checking In @The Bellagio! Pam, Mom, Me & Maura

Checking In @The Bellagio! Pam, Mom, Me & Maura

Dale Chihuly glass flowers in the lobby

Dale Chihuly glass flowers in the lobby

My mom has been dreaming of taking all her girls to Vegas for her birthday for several years. This was the year of her 70th birthday, and we all got to celebrate! I think Las Vegas is one of her favorite places to go. While she’s not a huge gambler, between the shows, the restaurants, her favorite slot machine and the occasional blackjack table, there is always  something  fun going on. Mom got us fountain view rooms at the Bellagio. What an amazing view!

View from my room after checking in.

View from my room after checking in.

My only other trip to Las Vegas had been highly structured by others so there was a lot I still hadn’t seen yet. Our first day was spent looking for a three dollar blackjack table. We finally found one in the old section of Las Vegas. The Fremont might be a little rougher around the edges, but the place was clean and the dealers were competent. After we started making bets for the dealer too, she got a lot friendlier. One of the hands I got she called a “mother in laws” hand. Meaning, you want to hit, but you can’t. Kinda funny. I think we all walked away a little richer.

We didn’t do too much our first evening. Getting insulted by some BS maitre d meant our plans for a nice italian meal fell through and we ended up at the Treasure Island for the buffet. Turned out to be a smart move. Pam said that  my brother Eric absolutely loves the lobster ravioli there. After trying it myself, I can see why. It was fabulous! Afterwards, mom introduced me to her favorite slot machine. It’s called  Goldfish. I LOVE this game!Screen shot 2014-06-21 at 9.56.20 PM

Our second day, we went in search of more three dollar blackjack tables. Although we found several, we never again all got to sit down at the same table and play together. Still, we had a lot of fun wandering around Fremont street, checking out the various casinos and the street performers. The street performers ranged from guys dressed as statues that would move for money, to singers, ventriloquists, showgirls, to girls that just stood around in pasties and a T-bar waving at people for money.

street performers

Mom had booked us tickets for the Cirque du Soleil show “O” that has its home at the Bellagio so we didn’t stay on Fremont too long. With some time to kill however, we stopped outside the theatre when we got back and checked out the art gallery.  There is the most amazing collection of bronze statues created by Richard Macdonald showcased in the  entrance to the theatre. I picked out a few of my favorites to share with everyone:

"O" Performer

“O” Performer

He looked even better in person!

He looked even better in person!

What can I say about the show itself? It was wonderful! It has a water theme to it and the performers are amazing athletes who leap, fly through the air and do the most amazing rhythmic swimming routines I’ve ever seen. What truly made my jaw drop though was after it was over and they introduced the support staff. I had no idea all the singing and the music is all performed live for every show! Incredible!

Mom’s birthday on June 2nd was great! Mom had wanted to spend some time out by the pool for our last full day in Vegas and we were all looking forward to some cool water and hot sunshine. Maura had suggested we go in on a cabana to  give mom a stylish afternoon and she set everything up for us. It was so awesome to see mom’s face when we told her it was hers for the afternoon. We ended up staying all day and had great fun relaxing, playing cards and cooling off in that beautiful pool. I think we’re all spoiled for life now as far as pools go. LOL.

Cabana Time!

Cabana Time!

Our last evening was spent watching a really neat show at the Mirage. Terry Fator was the winner of the second season of America’s Got Talent and won a million dollar prize as a result. The very next year he was signed to the Mirage and has been there ever since. I can see why. This guy is incredible. he opened the show by singing an original song and afterwards made a joke about people not realizing he could actually sing. Not being familiar with him myself, I didn’t really get that joke until later when he actually sang in a female voice for one of his dummies.  He does male voice songs too and his Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were spot on.

It was kinda late when we got out, but we got lucky and ended up in the front row at the railing for the volcano show outside the Mirage. Didn’t take long for it to start either. One minute we’re hearing a polite chirping cricket sound and the next it got really loud and then dropped off. Mom and Pam said later that’s the cue for the start of the show. It was wild and really neat to feel the heat thrown off from the flares.



It was kinda late when we got back to our hotel, but mom had been keen to watch the fountains at night while drinking wine. Maura bowed out with a headache, but I went down to their room and we ate sandwiches, drank wine and enjoyed the show.



Tuesday was our day to travel home, but our mom had one more thing in mind for us before we left. On our way to the airport, we stopped outside the original Welcome to Las Vegas sign and got our picture taken. Might have done it a little backwards, but who cares? I didn’t even know there WAS an original sign! Thanks  mom and happy birthday again!


She’s already talking about going again as a group five years from now. Next time we’ll bring the guys too. Can’t wait to celebrate your birthday again next year mom!







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