St. Michaels, MD

Gatz for short

Gatz for short

Hello again! Hope everyone is doing well out there. More and more, I find free time a precious commodity, and to be able to spend that with a loved one the best gift I could ever receive. This is why my birthday weekend was such a great thing. (Edited to add; this post is so long overdue. This was actually from over a year ago and I forgot to finish, as I said time is a precious commodity now. I only just realized it as I was trying to play catch up on two other posts I’m trying to write. Hang in there with me folks, or just enjoy the pictures.) Marc was getting ready for some soloing adventures but decided to wait until after the celebration  before taking off for points East. He’s writing his own blog here.

it was a pretty easy two-hour drive to Saint Michael’s ,but the rain slowed us down a little. That’s why, when we saw those cool statues right outside of town, we had to stop and check them out. The place is called Gatz and outside they have an amazing amount of awesome, lifelike statues. Inside, It’s all antique furniture and practically everything else you can think of, including a bearskin rug. Really!




I could hardly believe what they can do with marble:


We stayed at a lovely B & B. The first time I’ve ever had the experience. Our host was quite knowledgable on the area and while it was too cold to go in the pool, they did have bikes you could take out for a spin along the roadways and through town to get a better feel for the town.

Don't I look spiffy?

Don’t I look spiffy?

It was a little bit of a shame that there was all this trash along the sides of the road outside of town. There had been a marathon run earlier and much detritus had been left behind. I will spare you the pictures of that. We both applauded the folks that were still there, still running; or walking… determined to finish in the heat of the afternoon. Made me think of that Cake song “Going The Distance”.  Then we went and had lunch and browsed the shops.

My Handsome Man

My Handsome Man

We bought a really cool kite at one shop and found a somewhat breezy point to try it out.

It's supposed to be a viking ship

It’s supposed to be a viking ship

It didn’t really fly all that well that day. Not enough wind unfortunately, but it would be successful on other days.

All too soon, we had to return to reality. We did manage to stop at a fruit stand, and buy tickets from the Lion’s club for a new Mustang convertible. Sadly, it was not to be however. Along the way we did stop to stretch our legs and catch at glimpse of a lighthouse. We both love those things.

The closest we came

The closest we came

We also saw the coolest ZZ Top type car on the way home. Here’s the best of the bunch

Love that color!

Love that color!

Sweet trip, eh? I certainly thought so. We got some nice exercise, met cool people at breakfast in the mornings and enjoyed some awesome seafood both evenings. Definitely worse ways to spend your birthday, eh?


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