Me & Marc

Me & Marc


My boyfriend asked me if I would like to go to New Zealand with him for some long term travel. How could I say no? He is practicing at being a paraglider bum and I am his ground crew. We intend to check out Auckland and the surrounding environs until February. That’s when the locals get back to school and work from holidays and the weather will be the warmest (we hope). At that time we jump into a camper van and drive down to the the south and check out the bush, the beaches and breeze as we travel around the rest of NZ. I’ll write whenever there’s been something cool to see or do.


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  1. maggie says:

    Hi caren..i hope i spelt ur name right.) It was a pleasure to meet u guys. Had such a fun time! I want to go to the nice beach tomorrow..close to the pool. Or maybe pandawa.just relax and read ..if marc will be flying you are more than welcome to join me! Otherwise I will see you in Innsbruck one day;) maggie

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